Bank Transfer using a Credit Card


Bank Transfer using a Credit Card

How to make a Bank Transfer payment from your Debit or Credit Card using just in few steps.

Step by step guide

1. Please visit website and press “SIGN UP” in the top of the right corner.

2. For successful registration you need to provide only a valid phone number.

3. Then press “Confirm number”. You will receive a 6 digit verification code. Please enter this code.

4.Then you will need to create your account passcode.

5. After passcode creation, please choose country and currency in which you are planning to make the payment. “WELLMED RESEARCH” accept only EUR payments.

If you are planning to make the payment in other currency than EUR, select it from the list. Please make sure that the amount shown in EUR fully matches your order total amount.

Then you need to choose receiver country. Choose “Lithuania” from the list (our business account is registered in LT).

Then click “Continue”.

6. Choose that you are sending the money to “BUSINESS”.

7. After that choose “Bank account”.

8. Then provide WELLMED RESEARCH payment details (you received our payment details by email when placing the order after click “Place Order”).

Use your Order Number as the payment reference if needed (for example Payment reference: Order №2596). WELLMED RESEARCH company address you can find at the top of our website in column: CONTACT (if needed).

9. Then click on “Add a new card”.

10. Then, please add your Debit or Credit Card details and click “Continue”.

11. Then finish the payment (please, review and check all payment details before it).

And that’s it, you made a successful payment! Please contact us after payment is done (this will speed up shipping of your order).

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